ďWhen I began bringing toys to children, I did it because I wanted to know what it felt like to give something. I wanted that feeling you get when you do something that really makes someone else happy. Happiness is something, though, that doesnít come from toys, it comes from giving the toys. It comes from helping someone, if just for a moment, feel a little bit better. Itís not about the getting, itís about the giving. Itís about changing that one moment.Ē - Santa Claus [A Faithful Elf, Ch. 32]

The Book that Gives Back

This book has been an incredible journey for me. When I first conceived of the idea, all I wanted to do was finish it. When I got close to finishing it, it occurred to me what a neat thing this would be to leave behind to my family when my time ultimately comes. But as I wrote the last sentences, I had this strange new feeling that the book had another purpose...it needed to make a difference.

I have decided that, for EVERY copy of this book sold online, Faithful Elf Publishing will give at least $3 to charity. Our default charity, if you do not come to our website referred by a sponsored charitable cause, will be the St.Jude Children's Research Hospital. I have personal reasons for this but, when you read the book, it will become abundantly clear.

If you wish to use this book to support a different charitable cause, simply eMail me (use the contact link on the left) and let me know the cause and the contact person. Once I have validated the cause, I will add them to this website. You can then come to the site, generate a referral link, and you or your charity team can use the link in your websites, social network pages, and private opted-in emails to generate the buzz. At the end of every month, Faithful Elf Publishing will make a check out to each cause. It's that simple.

This book carries a strong message. I have learned it over the course of my life and it has been reinforced by the love of those people around me that have been very supportive. My greatest hope would be that people embrace this book for it's message and know that they have helped someone else, somewhere in this world, to have just a few improved moments in their life. Thanks.

- Richard St.Jacques, Author, "A Faithful Elf"



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